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  • How Do We Select Bulbs To Compliment Our Work, And Your Space?
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    Adam Fullerton
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How Do We Select Bulbs To Compliment Our Work, And Your Space?

IMG_7176   For the type of sign lighting that we create there are really two styles of bulb that we would consider using: traditional incandescent filament bulbs and LED's. Our preferred bulb of these two options, and the bulb we include as stock with our signs, are the incandescent filament bulbs and this is mainly a design choice based on the look and feel that is achieved with these classic bulbs. While incandescent bulbs are less efficient than their newer counterparts, the aesthetic of light that is created by an incandescent is hard to beat. The warmth, colour and omnidirectional glow from incandescent bulbs is stunning and as you can see, they reflect back onto the frame of our signs more dynamically, illuminating the face better and creating that brilliant shine. With the 5-10 watt bulbs that we use in our signs, the normal lifespan is about 10,00 hours on average, which for most applications is fine. To help boost the lifespan of your bulbs we have fitted all our new signs with dimmer switches so these bulbs can be knocked back to a warm orange glow which looks fantastic and will extend the life of your bulbs significantly.



However, if a piece is going to be lit for many hours each day, the lifespan of incandescent bulbs may be a drawback. The longer-lasting, low power option of LED’s are recommended in these applications. With  up to 50,000 hours of life ahead of them, these bulbs will certainly get you the mileage you need. So if you are looking for 18 hours a day from your sign then they will be a wise investment and the cool, chrome effect will no doubt look great in your space as well! Unfortunately the dimming feature will not work with the LED’s available for our signs but if you do choose to go this route, know that you will not be harming your piece by using LED’s instead of incandescent bulbs. Choosing LED's will add approximately $5/per bulb to the cost of your sign. Contact us if you would like some more information about our bulb suppliers in Europe and North America, or if you need any questions answered regarding selecting bulbs for a custom piece you are considering.

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